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Diagnosis tool: Duty of care - responsibly managing your overseas assignments


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This diagnosis tool is intended for people managing the Global Mobility policy for employees. For example, business travellers, expats, long-term assignees or offshore employees (crew members on a ship or an oil rig). Whether your employees go abroad for a short or a long time: policy, solutions and services need to be co-ordinated carefully. Every trip and every assignment is different, and will create different challenges and risks.  As an employer, you have a legal duty of care to your employees to ensure that they travel, work and live safely.  Also, if something happens unexpectedly, you want to provide the optimal and quickest 24/7 emergency service,  wherever you are in the world.

Often the responsibility for each category of these employees is not centralised in organisations. No single global policy for Global Mobility exists: solutions and services are not seemlessly matched. This tool provides an initial view to see if all important aspects have been covered in your organisation. It is a tool designed to help you.  After responding to these questions, we will show you the main concerns, gaps and areas of improvement. Following on from this, we would be delighted to hold an initial consultancy meeting regarding your international employee mobility issues, without obligation. 

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